Terms of warranty


The 24 months warranty is not provided for the Accessories.

Free warranty and after-sales service shall be provided during the whole warranty period. After expiration date of the warranty period, the Customer can conclude an agreement for the post-warranty service (chargeable service).



Before operating the equipment, please, carefully read the Operating Instructions attached to the Product. In case of loss of the instructions, You can find it in the section «Instructions».

During the Warranty Period, the Product shall be accepted for a free service upon availability of the following documents:

  • Completed Warranty Certificate;

  • Document evidencing the purchase of the product;

In case of loss of evidencing documents, the Customer loses the right for free After-Sales Service of the Product.

During the acceptance of the Product for the service, the Customer shall fill in a form indicating the nature of the failure.

In case if the nature of failure was not specified, the Service Center has the right to take charge for the diagnostics of the devise.


Attention!   Heavily contaminated devises are not accepted for free Warranty repair!

The product shall be removed from the Warranty service in the following cases:

  •  if the defects of the devise are caused by the violation of the rules of installation, operation, storage or transport stated in the operating instructions;

  •  if you repair the devise by yourself and it caused the damage of the devise;

  •  in case of presence of mechanical, chemical and thermal damage of the product and its components;

  •  in case of damage of the product that has occurred due to force majeure (fire, storm, lightning);

  •  in case of damage of the devise caused by ingestion of foreign matters, liquids, insects, animals, inclusive an excessive dust inside the devise;

  •  in case of using of the devise in an electrical network without ground loop;

  •  in case of defects caused by the mismatch with the state standards of power supply of telecommunications, cable networks, etc.;

  •  in case of detection of signs of an overheating of the electronic components in a product caused by an electrical overstress;

  •  the manufacturer of water shall bear responsibility in case of existence of a strong scale in the heating tank;

  •  in case of using of bulk water.


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